About Us

Our Mission

To bring trendy and affordable jewellery, electronics, smartphones, and accessories to the world while ensuring that our customers have an exceptional PMC Jewellery experience.

Our Expansion

In our journey to diversify and enrich your shopping experience, PMC Jewellery proudly announces the expansion of our product line to include not just our signature trendy and affordable jewellery but also a wide range of electronics, smartphones, and accessories for your home and car. This expansion is rooted in our commitment to meet and exceed the evolving needs and preferences of our customers.

Our Brand

PMC Jewellery, a proudly South African store. Founded in 2020, PMC Jewellery was born out of a need to offer trendy jewellery at an affordable price. Our commitment to diversity and quality has now extended beyond jewellery to embrace the dynamic world of electronics, ensuring our customers enjoy the same great value and customer support across all our product ranges. Catering to everybody, we offer many different styles and options in both our jewellery and electronics ranges. Our goal is to offer you great customer support, making your PMC Jewellery experience truly exceptional.